Architectural models

Below are a number of our architectural models.

Click on the image and view more images of the individual architecture model.

Monotone colours such as white, gray, black and clear plexiglass are used for our architectural models. In addition, we use a lot of veneer to give a nice natural look. With some architectural models, we may use coloured trees, people or cars to provide some contrast.

To make an architectural model, we only need a dimensional 2D DWG floor plan with elevators. Depending on the complexity of the project, the architectural model can basically be made based on the 2D drawing, but a 3D drawing is preferable.

The architectural models are typically a little more conceptual or "raw" in expression.

Upon request, it is possible to get lights, cars and people in the architectural model. All architectural models come with a solid base. A cover comes at an additional cost.