Presentation Models

Below are a number of our presentation models

Click on the image and view more images of each presentation model.

A presentation model is also typically called a sales model. 

To make a presentation model, we only need a targeted 2D DWG floor plan with elevators. Depending on the complexity of the project, the model houses can basically be made based on the 2D drawing, but a 3D model is preferable.

We often see that real estate agents, municipalities, investment companies and similar have great advantages in using this kind of models, as they are very realistic and easy to relate to. Often customers who order presentation models are able to sell the apartments from residential constructions faster before the construction begins.

The models are very detailed in terms of colours, texture and details in general. 

Upon request, it is possible to get lights, cars and people in the presentation model. All presentation models come with a solid base and the cover is an additional price.