Virtual Reality

iOS/Android VR

We can provide 3 different VR solutions for Android and iOS phones

We have created a demo app to showcase 3 different VR solutions of the same apartment for Android and iOS phones.

With all 3 solutions, it is possible to see the apartment with and without VR glasses. The three solutions are described below. Modelhuset develops the app for your needs and ensures the integration of the chosen VR solution. 

On smartphones and tablets, there are restrictions on file size to obtain a good user experience. If there are a lot of details, and/or real-time is needed, we recommend an HTC Vive solution for the project. 

VR Point Teleport:
Here, one jumps from point to point. At each point, there are 360-degree renderings. When moving to the next point, there are no image renderings. The advantage of this solution is that many details can be added without the file size becoming large. 

VR Point Teleport Realtime:
This solution, like Point Teleport, is based on 360-degree renderings. The difference is that when you jump from point to point, the movement is rendered to the next point. The advantage here is that the experience becomes a little more "live", but it is not possible to have many details with due to the file size.

VR Touch Realtime:
Here, you have the chance to walk around freely throughout the apartment. By holding one finger on the screen you go forward and two then you go back. A fun way to experience the apartment. Again, there are fewer details on the renderings due to the file size. 

Modelhuset Android app can be downloaded here.

Modelhuset iOS app can be downloaded here.