About us

Modelhuset translates ideas into growth.

Modelhuset delivers 3D scanning, 3D rendering, architecture models, presentation models and additional solutions within VR/AR. With VR/AR solutions we can also develop your iOS/Android platform.

Modelhuset was established in 2016 and today we have a large team of architects, programmers and app developers.

Modelhuset focuses on translating ideas into growth. Do you have a project, then contact us today to talk about the options.

In 2018, we launched 3D laser scans, where we deliver a 3D model to the architect. With 3D laser scans it is possible to also utilise Virtual Reality in the drawing process and continue working with BIM

Our goal is to function as a partner that can create added value for both small and large architectural companies/design studios through professional 3D solutions and physical models, which are prepared by architects.

The price level must be attractive so that it can easily be included in the cost structure of a construction project, whether it is an extension, new family house, apartment complex or industry construction. 






Modelhuset delivers

If you have a project, contact us today to hear more.