Physical architect models sell new construction projects faster

We create two model types at Modelhuset:

Several of our customers have experienced that their pre-sale of apartments, before the start of construction, has increased significantly after they have started using physical models.

Models are a really good way to visualise a 3D solution and give a customer the right feeling for the details the architect has chosen to focus on in the local community. It can be the common areas, the green surroundings, parking conditions and not least sunlight.

For larger projects, the marketing costs may amount to a few thousand kroner per apartment. Therefore, several of our customers have started making models of all their projects instead of e.g. printed brochures, which are often very expensive and do not necessarily contribute to faster sales.

Many customer groups can benefit from using presentation models and architectural models. It can be a real estate agent or an investment company where the focus is on selling a house or apartment, but it can also be a municipality, architect or private company for visualisation of a new business area or e.g. a new waterfront.

AKF Præsentationsmodel Modelhuset

The picture shows separate models to show the end customer the room divisions in the different apartments. AKF has chosen this solution together with a floor plan with all the blocks of a new large project. 

EDC Præsentationsmodel Modelhuset

The picture is a presentation model delivered to EDC in Hvide Sande of a new project by the harbour.