Virtual Reality

Video VR

We use Web VR to create 360degree visualisations

Video VR is the easiest solution to use as it does not require any equipment other than a PC. It is super user-friendly and is more akin to video than actual VR. The reason it belongs to the VR category is that it is still an artificially constructed world that has been made into a video presentation. This means that based on the drawings from, for example, the architect, we can make a presentation before construction begins.

In terms of sales and marketing, this solution is very useful as it can easily be posted on a website or run as a video in a showroom or at a real estate agent. It can be used for pre-sale, so sales can be started long before construction is completed.

It can also be a good opportunity in relation to investors or the municipality, if the project has to present itself at a high level, create some publicity and stand out a little from the crowd.

Below are 3 examples of different Video solutions.